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Aspect Car Rental

Aspect Car Rental was founded in late 1999 and was one of the first wholly net based car rental brokers. At that time, we did everything manually. a customer would fill out a form on the website. We’d get that form and then find prices from our suppliers,. We’d often give more than one choice, so that customers could choose either the car at the lowest cost or, one that included extras etc.

You could say that we were the first ‘comparison’ site. I have to say we were very surprised when orders started to come in thick and fast. It soon became apparent that we needed to have some sort of automation or we’d never sleep!

That’s when we met Chris Newman of Lightwood Consultancy Ltd who created the first version of our booking engine. With his help we grew apace and we believe, led the way for others to become web based car hire brokers.

Since then of course, the web has evolved and all the major car rental companies as well as brokers all have both phone and web based booking. So why you might ask does Aspect Car Rental still exist and operate? Because we believe that people still appreciate that personal touch. Though we don’t operate a call center we do provide email support and, where needed we’ll call you.

Sometimes, customers aren’t sure about which vehicle would be best, or they need to ensure the end supplier has a particular service. That’s where we come into our own, we want you to come back to us, every customer is precious to us simply because we’re not a huge and faceless multi-national concern. So if you need help, we’re going to do our very best to get you what you want and need.

Unlike a sales team, we’re actually more interested in getting you what you need rather than upselling to boost our commissions.

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