Car Rental Spain 7 Seater

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Car Rental in Spain

If you’re looking to rent a cheap car in Spain and you want a 7 seater we do have competitive rates which you can check out here >>>>

However, be warned that they are considered more of a ‘luxury’ class of car so ‘cheap’ can be relative. It will also depend on whether you want to rent in Malaga or Madrid, inland or on the coast.

Where exactly in Spain you want to rent can have an effect on the price. If you rent somewhere that is serviced by a lot of car rental companies, then you’re likely to get a lower price because there’s more choice for you, so more competition for the companies. Unfortunately if it’s the other way around and you try to rent in a place that has only one or two rental companies, then the price would be higher.

Spain also has many fiestas, some of which are small local affairs and others which are national or regional. These also affect the price of hire vehicles including 7 seaters. That’s because as you might expect people converge to enjoy the party! For large regional and national fiestas, flights are more difficult (and expensive) to get and that also goes for renting a car, whether it’s a 7 seater or a small economy class car that will really only take 2 adults and 2 small children.

So if you want to rent a cheap car in Spain from a small car to a large 7 seater, then you’ll get the best price by booking early. Remember to read the terms of hire so you know what to expect and then, just enjoy your trip.

Car Rental Spain 7 Seater