Independent women shaping travel industry

It’s something we’ve been aware of for some time, women are travelling on their own more and more. Gone are the days when they used to travel in gangs, or is that gaggles? But seriously, many women travel on their own and I’m not sure why people are surprised.

Independent women shaping travel industry: poll | Lifestyle from CTV News.

Nor am I surprised to find that independent women travellers are shaping the travel industry. After all, if there’s a market segment to exploit, the travel companies will because that’s what they’re there for. To make money.

Certainly we see as many women booking a rental car as men. Many times a family group will have a woman as the lead driver. We could I guess, ascribe that to stereotypes, you know, Mom is the one who doesn’t ‘work’ and Dad is the one who does and so needs a holiday!!

I think it’s just that more women work, drive and stay single longer. One ‘problem’ that remains though is that women who travel alone do need to take more care, or at least, that’s what we all think. But is it true?

Let’s face it, no matter where you are in the world, men are just as vulnerable to attack from other men as women are. It’s just that we don’t think like that. A woman picking up a rental car is just as safe as a man, if both are on their own. It’s when they’re driving down a dark alley that things might get a bit hairy. So the sensible thing for both is, not to do it.

Men are less likely to be attacked by a couple of women than vice versa but really, that’s the only difference surely?