Renting A Car

renting a car through Aspect
Renting a car

If you decide you want to rent a car you may think it just means that you book on line or call a car hire company and that’s it. Sadly that’s not strictly true. For example, let’s say you want what is termed a ‘compact’ car. You look on the site and see that a VW Golf is cited as the ‘typical’ model. You may own one and know and like it, you may want to try one just for the fun of it. You book the car and get you booking confirmation and you think all is well.

Fast forward to the day you pick up the car, to your dismay you’re given the keys to a Skoda Fabia. What to do? Nothing is the answer because cars are booked by the group size not make and model. You may think this is nothing to worry about or, like many you may get quite upset. This is not the reason you should worry however, it’s all a matter of size, when it comes to booking the right hire car, size does matter!

My husband is 6′ tall, he fits into a Kia Venga but not the Golf, he has a spinal fracture so can’t bend as much as others but it was the actual headroom that was the problem. You can usually up-grade to a bigger group at pick up but usually that costs more than booking a bigger group from the start.

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