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Compare Car Hire Rates

renting a car through Aspect

In todays era of being able to compare prices for almost anything, it’s no wonder that people want to compare car hire rates before they book, just to be sure they’re getting a good deal.

Car hire comparison sites started out as just that, a site that showed you all prices from all suppliers. You’d put in your dates and the software would query the databases of car rental companies and show you a list. Each car would have the supplier logo/name beside it and you’d click through to the actual supplier site to complete the booking.

This worked pretty well, the comparison site made commissions the car rental companies got the booking and you got the car of your choice. Or did you? ¬†Once you’d made the booking, the actual comparison site often couldn’t or wouldn’t help if you had a problem.

They didn’t easily know who you’d booked your car with and so couldn’t help. This cause a lot of problems for people who wanted to change or cancel their bookings. Then as the web evolved and speed became a necessity not a luxury. This way of comparing car hire rates lost favor.

Brokers like Aspect have the comparison built in now, so when you get a quote, you’ll have a choice of cars and additional items and those prices are updated ‘on-the-fly’ to keep up with demand and supply.

So if one supplier drops their rates in a particular location, other suppliers will too, to keep up. Conversely if a supplier raises rates in a location, because the demand is great and cars are now in short supply. Other suppliers may follow suit. Naturally, if they have a lot of stock available, they may lower their rates to get the business. They may then raise them at the last minute as their cars are booked and supply is outweighed be demand.

The benefit to you is that you always get the most current and competitive rates and, at Aspect we strive to help if you hit any obstacles.