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20 Best Places to Visit in Europe | U.S. News Travel

visiting SpainJust browsing and found this article. It got me thinking, this is a very arbitrary list, that is, it’s one list of the best places but are they the only best places?

Not sure I’d agree I have to say but then holidays are very personal aren’t they?

20 Best Places to Visit in Europe | U.S. News Travel.

If you could choose your list of the best places to visit in Europe, where would they be?

As you can see from this article on Tripadvisor you can always find different points of view¬†Best Destinations in Europe – Travelers’ Choice Awards …

Of course, we’re a car rental company, so we’re more interested in where’s the best driving in Europe. That then begs the question, what sort of driving? Speed, quality of road surface? Or do you look for winding roads, that take you through glorious scenery?